English 12

Moody High School

St Clair County School System: Mrs. Cathy Bean-Gamble, Ed.S

Email: Cathy.Gamble@sccboe.org


Required Texts: The Reader's Choice Literature
The Writer's Choice Language: workbook to be purchased by student
American Heritage Dictionary (Thesaurus) or online
Access to, but not required: MLA Handbook for Writers of Research Essays/Papers, 7th edition or online
Novel Selection: TBA

Note: Internet use and knowledge of AVL is required: The student will need to save or back-up their work. YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR KEEPING BACKUP COPIES OF ALL YOUR WORK!

Course Policies: Attendance and punctuality is a must! Students are expected to attend all [[#|classes]] and be on time. Excessive Absence will greatly reduce your chance of success in Senior English (note policy). Also, late papers and course work will be penalized or not accepted at all. So, each student should plan ahead and take responsibility for assignments. In addition, class participation is required! The student should read the assigned material and contribute to class activities and discussions, you will get points for doing so. Also, any make-up work is your responsibility. It must be completed within seven days of an excused absence. All work materials must be brought to class each day ( [[#|ink]] pen: blue/black, textbook(s), college ruled paper, etc).

Classroom Etiquette: Do not distract your classmates! Be respectful to your teacher and peers! [[#|Cell phones]] Cell phones are a distraction keep them put away during instructional time! (* never used during testing). Nothing is allowed that prevents focus on or attention to the work at hand (see student handbook). In addition, misrepresentations, personal attacks and/or any form of bullying is not acceptable!!
Raise your hand if you have a question! Keep the classroom neat! Never talk loudly or use inappropriate or vulgar language! (penalty) Always remember you are a SENIOR!

Plagiarism: Do not turn in or represent another's work or any portion of another's work as your own, one of two penalties will be incurred: you will receive a Zero for the assignment or if you persist you will receive an "F" for the course. Any time you use three or more words from a source you must use parenthetical referencing in your text and proper MLA style documentation. This procedure will include correct Quotation Methods and a Works Cited page. Remember: Plagiarism is intellectual dishonesty.

Objectives: If the student provides their best effort to the required assignments, your grammar, diction, composition and reading comprehension skills will improve. The student should be able to read poetry, prose and drama selections in British Literature. The student should be able to read, comprehend, analyze, research and write about the assignments. The student should learn to formulate and support a sound thesis statement in an organized and coherent five paragraph essay using proper mechanics, spelling and punctuation. The student will learn to use basic research skills (AVL) never relying on Enotes/Sparknotes, including how to incorporate quotes and document primary and secondary sources (MLA style). The objectives will be accomplished by lecture, assignments, study guides, collaboration and individual effort.

Week 1: The Anglo Saxon Period (449); Old English ( study of the development of the English Language)
Introduction to class content, policy and objectives; Read: Epic Poetry
BEOWULF ( The Epic Hero); portfolio assignment (a research and writing unit); "The Seafarer"; Composition: Expository/Descriptive: The Character Study

Week 2: The Middle Ages (1150) Middle English: Read: Chaucer's THE CANTERBURY TALES (selections); Drama: EVERYMAN ( morality, miracle, mystery plays) ; SIR GAWAIN AND THE GREEN KNIGHT (Romance Literature)

Week 3: Malory's LE MORTE D'ARTHUR (1485) (Romance Hero); Arthurian Legend

Week 4: The Renaissance (1485-1650): The Development of the Sonnet (Petrarchan or Spenserian) Poets: Wyatt, Spenser, Marlowe, Raleigh, and Shakespeare

Week 5: SHAKESPEARE'S MACBETH 1606; (drama: tragedy ; elements of tragedy; Tragic Hero (Aristotle's definition of tragedy); Elizabethan/Jacobean Drama (theatre) , Elizabethan culture; portfolio assignment (writing and research); performance assignment; "The Oscar" ; memorized speech, a visual/ creativity unit.

Week 6: MACBETH (continues).

Week 7: John Donne's Poetry (metaphysical poetry); next:Latin: Carpe Diem: Poets: reading assignment: Herrick, Marvell, Lovelace; Composition: Poetry Explication Essay

Week 8:The RESTORATION PERIOD (1640- 1750); reading assignment: Authors: Pepys, Swift, (note: satire) Pope, Defoe

Week 9: ROMANTICISM: (1750- 1837) reading assignments: Poets/Authors: Blake, Wordsworth, Shelley, Keats , Gray, Coleridge, Byron, Note: Byronic Hero; Elements of Romantic Poetry

Week 10: The Victorian Age (1837-1901); Reading assignment: Poets/Authors: Tennyson, Browning, Dickens, Hardy, Kipling; NOVEL STUDY: options: *TBA : select (1) : Austen's PRIDE and PREJUDICE or (2) Shelley's FRANKENSTEIN or (3) Bronte's Wuthering Heights (4) Bronte's Jane Eyre
Week 11: Novel Study continues with Research Essays (2); Article Summary(abstract) included.

Week 12: Modernism: reading assignments: The short story; Lawrence's "The Rocking-Horse Winner", Joyce's "Araby", Orwell's "To Shoot An Elephant" Note: The Elements of Fiction


Vocabulary Tests (12): 100 points each
Grammar Tests (12): 100 points each
Writing Portfolio(s): (2): 200 points each
Research Essays: Novel Study 200 points
Research Paper w/process: 200 points
Classwork /Participation: 100 points weekly
Literature Test(s): 100 points each
Composition(s): 100 points each
Visual(s): once turned in remain in the teacher's possession

(note: any changes will be announced to the class); time adjustments will be made for the above referenced material on the 7 period schedule...


ADVICE: Be at School....On Time! Excessive Absence is the most common cause of failure! Read,Think, Comprehend, Increase your Vocabulary, (look up words you do not know), Write grammatically sound essays (good communication skills are a necessity). Do Not Procrastinate...start your assignments immediately!
Come see me or email with questions: I will be glad to help you!
College Bound: Think ACT date(s), location(s) and practice!

Have a Great Senior Year! Congratulations!!