Reminders For Essay Writing:

  1. Evaluate organization: Did you pre-write and outline to plan? Be sure the content of each paragraph supports the topic sentence of that paragraph. Outlining will ensure that this is accomplished.
  2. Use third person only in formal writing.
  3. Use only present tense.
  4. The Introduction should include a Lead in Statement, Plot Summary, and a Thesis when writing about literature.
  5. Do not end sentences with prepositions.
  6. Do not weaken opinions by stating them as *( never use) "In my opinion," "I believe," or "I think,".
  7. Avoid the use of contractions.
  8. Do not use hackneyed words such as "A lot" ...etc.
  9. Avoid the use of vague pronounsaaaaa.jpg
  10. Proofread the final (typed) draft.
  11. Avoid sentence fragments and fused sentences.
  12. Spell/write numbers.
  13. Punctuate Titles correctly.
  14. Never make the statement "This paper is about..."
  15. Use MLA style for page format.
  16. Cite quotations used as evidence in the composition.
  17. The conclusion is a summary paragraph used for closure.