Moody High School
St Clair County, Alabama
Teacher/Instructor: Mrs. Cathy Bean- Gamble, Ed.S; (EH DEPT: HOD: 2013 )

WELCOME to the SENIORS and to all of my Students:

Please review the syllabus carefully so that you will understand class policy and our course of study as provided in class. Also, in the event of illness and absence go to the assignments selection for information on class assignment(s). If you have questions please feel free to contact me via email at...
cathy.gamble@sccboe.org. Also, remember our purpose at school is to learn. So, please ensure that your focus is on getting a good education so that you will be able to move forward in selected college and career goals.

Additionally, the class novel selection( s) this year are Shelley's Frankenstein, and/or Pride and Prejudice (JA); any changes will be announced in class; Choose a novel and begin reading today! Also, I hope everyone enjoyed their summer reading selection!

School Year: 2012-13 Class Schedule
Period 1: English 12
Period 2: Preparation on most days
Period 3: English 11
Period 4: English 12
Period 5: English 12
Period 6: English 11
Period 7: English 12

Advice: " A wise man will make more opportunities than he finds" Francis Bacon ( British writer/philosopher)
Have a Good Week! Why?...... It is great to be a member of the Senior Class of 2013! Congratulations!

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